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Enhanced drug discovery and cosmetic testing accuracy with micro-precision 3D printing technology

Our Technology

BMF Biotechnology is focused on developing advanced organ-on-a-chip platforms for enhanced recapitulation of physiologically relevant tissues by leveraging BMF’s state of the art 3D printing technology. Our perfusable organ-on-a-chip platforms have the potential to improve drug discovery and cosmetic testing outcomes, as well as advancing the precision medicine.

Organ Chip for Drug Discovery and Cosmetics testing

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At BMF Biotechnology, we are committed to making drug discovery and cosmetology more accurate, time efficient, and cheaper. We are developing tumor-on-a-chip, skin-on-a-chip, and kidney-on-a-chip models that will provide a more reliable and cost-effective alternative to animal testing. Our mission is to create a better future for all.

Micro Precision 3D Printing of Biomedical Parts

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BMF Biotechnology also offers micro-precision 3D printing services to all clients for diverse applications in biomedical fields.


Contact us for your customized printing needs.

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